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    A-1 Party Rental
    Ohio Party Tent Rental

    1. What is the difference between Frame and Pole tents?
    Frame tents are supported by a freestanding structure and do not require any center poles. Frame tents do require anchoring to secure the tent in harsh weather conditions.
    Pole tents or tension tents are supported by upright center and side poles. Anchoring is required at tension points around the tent’s perimeter.
    2. Are sidewalls included in the price of the tent?
    All of our tents are offered at a price with sidewalls and a price without sidewalls. The prices of the sidewalls reflect the size of the tent or order, as the size of the tent increases the price for the sidewalls decrease.  
    3. Are set up charges included in the price of the tent?
    The set up and tear down of the tent(s) is included in the price.
    4. Can we use sandbags or water barrels to stake?
    We do offer water barrels as a means of anchoring frame tents. The customer is responsible for providing a means of water to fill the barrels. We no longer use sandbags.  
    5. What size of tent do I need to fit x amount of people and x amount of tables?
    Please refer to the seating chart tab on left side of the web page. There will be a chart that provides information for what we recommend.  
    6. How high is the tent? Height at peak?
    The standard height around the perimeter of our tents (frame or pole) is 7 feet. However we do offer taller side poles for an additional charge. The standard peak height of the tents varies depending on the width of the tent.  
    Pole Tents:
    10’ wide = 10’ peak
    15’ wide = 14’ peak
    20’ wide = 14’ peak
    30’ wide = 16’ peak
    40’ wide = 17’ peak
    60’ wide = 16’ quarter pole and 22’ center pole
    80’ wide = 17’ quarter pole and 24’ center pole
      Frame Tents:
    9’9” peak
    10’8” peak
    12’6” peak
    15’3” peak
    18’ peak

    Rental Questions?
    Email us... info@a-1tentrental.com

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